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  Sorry - this vehicle is no longer available for hire - Replacement  due Dec 2014  
A2B Chauffeur Drive are proud to present our F1 430 Spider Replacement - Lamborghini Huracan

Ferrari F430 - F1 Spider

 Rent our chauffeur driven Ferrari F1 430 Spider for any special occasion.

Our awesome Ferrari F1 430 spider is one of the finest supercars in the world, this 4.3 litre, 483 bhp beauty comes in electric convertible roof and the glorious Ferrari V8 engine howls whilst you accelerate away just leaving people watching in awe at one of the most appealing cars ever made by the Italian manufacturer.

 For those seeking the ultimate thrill, we offer you the opportunity to cruise in one of the most sought after and exciting cars, in the world.  So, whatever the occasion, be it a gift rental, a corporate incentive or purely for personal indulgence, we can provide the perfect car to fulfil your every need.


Our Ferrari hire is ideal for........

WEDDINGS : this car is perfect to compliment your cherished day.

SOCIAL EVENTS : attend your event in style .

CORPORATE INCENTIVES : reward outstanding employee achievement with the use of our Ferrari hire.

GIFTS : its the ideal birthday present or gift for a friend or family member.

PROMOTIONAL MEDIA : whether it's for promotional film work or a glossy magazine shoot.

How you choose to use our service is entirely up to you. How about a wedding car, or simply to ensure that the Groom / Best Man get to the church in double quick time !

Whatever your requirements this car will not disappoint you, available for any occasion, photographic purposes, scenic journeys and Tours. 

Don't just get there - arrive in style


The F430s 4.3-litre V8 delivers 483bhp and 343lb ft of pulling strength via a six-speed gearbox with paddles behind the steering wheel. It pulls effortlessly from 2000rpm, but its so fast from 4000rpm to the rev limiter at 8500rpm that it seems as if the world has suddenly speeded up. The F430 Spider is powered by a 90 V8 featuring Ferrari's traditionally uncompromising design approach with a flat-plane crank (180 between throws). Its grip defies logic, while ride comfort is good. Part of the appeal of a Ferrari is the noise it makes. When cruising, the F430 is quite subdued apart from some wind noise from around the mirrors. However, squeeze the accelerator and the engine growls, wails and screams, giving an audible reference to your rate of progress. the F430's LAUNCH CONTROL (not available in North America) gives maximum performance away from a standing start with suitable road conditions (for example, on the track).
Just like in Formula 1, the F430 Spider driver can change the set-up of his car using the innovative selector set on the steering wheel. The manettino is a rotary switch that has been adopted directly from racing, where the driver's total commitment to driving requires maximum efficiency and speed in controlling the car's various functions. This switch quickly and simply controls the electronics governing suspension settings, the CST stability and traction control, E-Diff and the change speed of the F1 transmission, as well as the integration between each of these individual functions.
The F430 Spider is the only uncompromising mid-rear engined drop-top to boast a compact, fully automatic electric hood that allows the engine to be seen at all times. This stylistic flourish comes courtesy of a soft top system designed to take up very little space indeed. Ferrari's F1 gearbox for the F430 is state of the art, introducing a number of important modifications: thanks to inputs from the engineers on the Gestione Sportiva racing side, the F1 gearbox management incorporates a new control strategy which further perfects gearchange speed and smoothness under hard use. Changing gear takes just 150 milliseconds, as measured by the "hole" in acceleration during the change.